Bral Talej Oracle Deck

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Bral Talej Oracle Deck

Bral Talej Oracle Deck

Created by Shama Viola to fill a void she perceived in available Oracle Decks, the Bral Talej deck is based on the sacred symbols of an esoteric language and the paintings of Oberto “Falco” Airaudi, founder of the Federation of Damanhur in Italy.

Bral Talej divination cards are based on an ancient esoteric language that precedes the subdivision of languages and is believed to be the matrix of all languages. The cards display the beautiful ancestral symbols of the Sacred Language in gleaming gold, set against vibrant, powerful paintings, with the English, French, Italian, Spanish and German translations of the symbols' meanings for clear, straightforward reading of the cards. This sacred expression creates a resonance inside each individual which allows the user to easily read the message inherent in each card.

Users of the Bral Talej Oracle Deck will recognize the ancient symbols of the Sacred Language which were used to create the powerful mandalas that adorn our many items for home, garden, and personal use. These products are not intended to be purely decorative, but truly meaningful. The ancient symbols that compose the mandalas can help bring harmony and synchronicity into your life as the signs awaken subconscious memories and connections within you, while you receive the healing energy and positive affirmations they exude.

Shama is a beloved and well-respected teacher and mentor around the globe, now sharing her own catalogue of tools for a more synchronic life with the world.