Music of the Plants - Bamboo Regular

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Music of the Plants - Bamboo Regular

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Music of the Plants "Nature’s Newest Instrument” gives you the opportunity to expand your awareness by discovering a unique and profound connection with the natural environment around you.

The new instrument is designed to be used in complete autonomy in every place where a plant lives.

  • Speaker integrated into the device.
  • The lithium-ion battery guarantees hours of play without the need to be connected to the mains.
  • The shell made of bamboo makes the tool pleasant and with a small environmental impact.
  •  It is equipped with a 3.5-jack output for use with headphones or external speakers.
  • The battery is recharged by a cable with a micro usb connector.
  • Midi output via micro usb.
  • High conductivity electrodes to connect to the plant.
  •  SD memory card slot to record plant activity.
  •  Ability to expand the basic functions for musicians and researchers.

Choose your mode

We have designed the new device thinking that we can expand the basic version once the purchase is made, so if you want to explore all the potentials at a later time, you can do it!

Experiment with the magical melodies that your plants and trees can produce!


The basic version is characterized by its simplicity of use thanks to 12 pre-programmed configurations carefully chosen for you and available with one easy click.

This device includes an instrument tuner, music scales and sound effects to hear the music of your plants in total harmony. Its small size and rechargeable battery makes it easy to take with you wherever you want to experience the magic of communicating with plants.

Safe and smart, it’s suitable for all ages, including children. At anytime you can expand and upgrade your basic version to the M version, for only 47 €.



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